Maximizing Value Creation For
Top Crypto Communities

Thrive Protocol helps top crypto communities attract and incentivize valuable contributors, with minimal overhead.


Thrive is revolutionizing the grants giving experience - attracting the most skilled builders, validating their work, and rewarding value.

We support many of the world’s largest crypto communities.

Thrive Protocol boosts ROI
for your Ecosystem grant allocations.

We help crypto communities efficiently fund 100s or 1000s of top builders simultaneously,
and we ensure they are funded only at milestones of value creation.


With 3% of treasury allocations in 2023, Thrive funded 5.3x more grants than the DAO combined. All funds were allocated at milestones of value creation. In 2024, ApeCoin increased their treasury allocations to Thrive by 20x.


With 2% of treasury allocations in H2 2023, Thrive funded 2.1x more grants than the DAO combined.  We've funded the building of core programs across the DAO, including STIP, ARDC, ARPC, and Step. ~99% of delegates voted to renew.


Thrive helped Optimism understand the value of rPGF investments, mobilizing decentralized ambassadors to explore impact. We drove a 1,505% increase in contributing ambassadors, and beat approved, discrete research goals by 632%.

Thrive Connects Top Crypto Talent With Top Ecosystems

Employ Thrive’s network of thousands of builders, creators, and DeFi fanatics to efficiently deliver substantial value to your ecosystem. Create more value!

Fund top talent

Get the most value from your treasury by enlisting Thrive’s thousands-strong talent pool of high-caliber builders and creators.

Fund only value creation

Via Thrive Protocol, funding is unlocked through milestones connected to core ecosystem KPIs. Fund only when value is created.

Engage more community

Thrive incentivizes community members to use your ecosystem infrastructure in ways that drive ROI-positive returns for your community.

Drive lasting impact

More efficient grant and ecosystem incentive allocations means more long-term, sustainable value is created for your community.


Builders of all kinds - developers, creators, and DeFi fanatics - are creating value and earning with Thrive.

Join the most prolific talent network in crypto - and get fairly rewarded for the value you deliver.

You'll get access to the top communities in crypto. Your genius and partnership will help us build a better crypto!

Frequently asked questions

What is Thrive?

Thrive helps crypto communities make much more efficient capital allocations to their ecosystem by addressing three main needs:

  1. Attracting top talent with the right skill set to take on projects that will create a positive ROI for the community.
  2. Administering grants and ecosystem incentives efficiently, and in a way that ensures value creation.
  3. Validating contributions and milestones at scale while ensuring grants, projects and contributions are funded when value is created.

Why partner with Thrive?

Thrive provides tools and systems that help crypto communities make ROI-positive capital allocations, and attract, fund, and scale valuable contributions. By partnering with Thrive your community gets:

  • The biggest cross-chain crypto talent of high quality crypto contributors in the world, including builders, creators, and DeFi fanatics.
  • Thrive Protocol technology, designed to support efficient grant and bounty funding and validation at scale.
  • Thrive engagement layer of support - including automations, playbooks, and more, designed to ensure optimal value creation.

How does Thrive work?

Thrive operates by connecting talented crypto builders and creators with opportunities to contribute to various projects within the community.

We employ a rigorous, efficient, dual-layer validation process—both human-reviewed and automated—to ensure the quality and legitimacy of contributions at scale.

Who is Thrive?

Thrive was founded in September of 2021 by Daniel Jacobs. Today we are a team of over three dozen developers, entrepreneurs, grants experts and specialists, and crypto degens and regens, and long-time technology geeks.

Together as a team we've scaled both protocols and platforms to support millions of users. We've supported many of the top crypto communities, but also many of the top enterprises in the financial and tech industries.

We are invested in by top crypto venture funds like HashKey, BitScale, Youbi Capital, Lightning Capital, and more.

How can my community partner with Thrive?

Every partnership is unique, because each community has their own challenges and requirements. If the Thrive team believes we can be a fit for your community, we will put together a unique plan to support your community needs. Schedule a demo to check it.